Edavaka Mission

Jerusalem Mar Thoma Church Edavaka Mission involved in the activities, which enhance spiritual growth of its members mainly by studying the Word of God systematically.

1. Bible Study

The Mission’s main activity is weekly Bible Study on Tuesdays led by our Vicars which is enriched by fruitful discussions on the topic covered.

2. Inter Prayer Group House Visits

During Family week observed by our Sabha, Edavaka Mission coordinates family visit among all families of our Parish. This helps to create more close fellowship with members of other prayer groups.

3. Great Lent Meditations

Every year during ValiyaNombu (Great Lent)the Mission organizes SanthyaNamaskaramat houses of our Parish members.

4. 12 Hour Prayer Chain

The Mission organizes every year 12 Hrs “Chain of Prayer” in our churchled by each prayer group of our Parish.

Office bearers 2014-15
Vice - President :     Mr. T. Varghese
Secretary : Mr. Sabu John
Treasurer : Mrs. Aleyamma Philipose