Vicars Message

Rev. Jaims Thomas Achen

Dearly beloved,

Warmest greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It gives me immense joy to addresss the God’s chosen people of Anna Nagar Jersusalem Marthome Parish family. I consider it a wonderful privilege, amazing garce and an awesome responsibility to serve you.

We as a parish have enjoyed the abundance of His blessings in the past. We are all set to celebrate the silver jubilee of our parish. I look forward to meet you all in person to understand each other, to strengthen the bonds, and to increase more and more in our faith, love and hope. I thank the Lord for leading and guiding us thus far. I would also like to thank our beloved Tirumenies for their farsightedness and able leadership and to all the achens and lay leader and parish members who tirelessly rendered their selfless service to us in the past . Beloved, let us move together with our heart and mind in our journey together with our saviour.

With warm regards and prayers
Yours in Christ’s service
Jaims Thomas Achen