Sevika Sangam Christmas

Monthly Meetings

Sevika Sangam Camp

1. Bible Study

The SevikaSangham meets every Wednesday for Bible study at the Church.

2. Cottage Meetings

Cottage Meetings are on all fourth Saturdays at one of the member’s house.

3. Snack Sales

Every Year four snack sales are conducted for the Fund raising towards the regular Mission Activities.

4. Visiting the Elderly and Sick

The members visit the old and sick people in the Parish.

5. Mission Tour

A mission tour as well as a picnic is organized every year.

6. Mission Contributions

Contributions were made towards education aid, marriage aid, medical aid etc.

7. Christmas Get-together

During the Christmas get-together a voluntary contribution was raised and this amount was sent as Christmas Gift towards education aid of a student at Udumalpet mission.

Office bearers :
Vice President :     Mrs. Jaya Samuel
Secretary : Mrs. Mini Sunny
Joint Secretary : Mrs. RosammaOommen
Tresurer : Mrs. AleyammaPhilipose